EagleEye PDA Tracking System for HW6500/HW6900 Series for Pocket PC

Personal GPS Tracking System. Embedded Maps. No Monitoring Fee. [UUID number needed for Activation]
EagleEye PDA Tracking System for HW6500/HW6900 Series

Version: 2.0.0

EagleEye PDA Tracking System for HW6500/HW6900 Series by: Targex Corp., last updated: 04/04/2007

Requirements: Windows Mobile 5.0 and 2003 for Pocket PC/SD Card

About EagleEye PDA Tracking System for HW6500/HW6900 Series

We at Targex Corp We at Targex Corp. have been in the vehicle tracking business for over 10 years, researching and offering products that are advanced and extremely reliable. Today we are proud to introduce the newest member to our family of products, the EagleEye PDA Tracking System, a light and totally portable tracker specifically programmed to work in what we call ''hard environments'' like busy city landscapes, and the great outdoors; this ''all terrain tracker'' is in our opinion the very best personal tracker in the market today. OurEagleEye PDA Tracking System has embedded digital USA maps processed from Tiger Files (US Census Bureau) updated on January 15th, 2007 and Canadian Maps processed from Canada’s National Statistical Agency (2006) free of charge. Digital Maps from different countries around the world are available too for purchase.

With our new EagleEye PDA Tracking System you can locate the users PDA using cellular text messages (SMS) while you’re on the road, at work or in a restaurant. You can also communicate with theEagleEye PDA Tracking System by email, all the while not going through a third party, monitoring center, operators, and without any additional costs. You see, with the EagleEye PDA Tracking System you can access the unit as many times as you wish without having any additional or hidden costs attached to the service like some other products.

With EagleEye you are in complete control, and this is our promise to you for the life of the PDA.

When you travel you are no longer alone, with EagleEye now you can keep in contact with your loved ones easily, just load the SD Card (Mini-SD) with a new map and you're done; it's that easy. The design of ourEagleEye PDA Tracking System has been very well thought out, from extended battery life, to travel and movement inside perimeters and buildings in dense areas, inside moving vehicles, EagleEye will never interfere with your PDA daily workload, since it works silently and efficiently 24/7.

Safety Above All:

The EagleEye PDA Tracking System is a ?must have? for every household, giving each parent the peace of mind they are looking for when it comes to locating their children. Now they can easily have access to their child's whereabouts without the child ever being humiliated in from of friends.

We are very happy to be able to offer this unique product that will surely become indispensable in many ways regarding your business operation, your personal safety, and that of your family.

EagleEye Products:

- Product that is easy to operate
- Products with accurate and prompt responses
- Products that do not rely on third party intermediaries
- Products that do not require additional costs or monthly fees
- Products that are self contained and only controlled by the user

EagleEye was developed to work on any Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC devices, but has been extensive tested on iPAQ hw6500 and hw6900 Series due to the integration of GPS and Cellular phone in the same device.

Now we will encourage you to start using your new EagleEye PDA Tracking System and enjoy the new emotions it will bring you, and remember be alert for the release of new EagleEye products!  

EagleEye PDA Tracking System for HW6500/HW6900 Series, compatible Devices

HP iPAQ hw6500 Series, Hp Ipaq Hw6900 Series

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